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Green Meetings

Green Meetings

Green Meetings

What is a green meeting?

A green meeting or event is one that seeks to minimise its impact on the environment. Sustainability takes a ‘triple bottom line’ approach; balancing the event’s social, environmental and economic impacts against its business needs.

Why we advocate green meetings

As we work towards building an efficient, clean and green city for all citizens and visitors as part of the Singapore Sustainable Blueprint, the meetings industry is encouraged to become more efficient and sustainable to better economise the use of resources.

By taking sustainability into consideration, event planners can minimise potential negative impacts as any event, regardless of magnitude, produces a carbon footprint and consumes resources. Furthermore, given the large number of suppliers and participants involved, events can leave a positive legacy for the host community and inspire others to live more sustainably.

To drive long-term growth in the MICE industry, we work closely with our industry partners to make Singapore the choice destination for sustainable events in Asia.

Benefits of going green

Using sustainability as a catalyst for innovation, businesses can pause, review their way of working, and rethink their modus operandi to reduce their environmental impact.

Benefits for the organisers, participants, service providers and the host community include:

Cost Savings

Conserving energy and water, reducing waste, purchasing local products, or simply consuming less can help organisers to save on costs. Even though some green products may have a higher purchase cost, applying green principles often translates to reduced costs in the long run.

Enhanced Brand Reputation

Adopting green practices is a visible demonstration of a destination or organisation’s commitment to sustainability. A targeted communication and PR strategy can raise the profile of the meeting and attract more participants.

Environmental Innovation

Greening efforts promote innovation technologies and practices that help to ensure a more efficient use of resources.

Organisational Best Practices

Green practices introduced at a meeting can also be applied to an organisation’s day-to-day operations. This can lead to environmental and social improvements for everyone in the organisation.

Social Benefits

Green meetings can benefit the local community by creating jobs, benefiting regional suppliers, promoting better working conditions, and acting as a catalyst for encouraging best practices.

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