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Asia’s Market Potential

The Asian classroom

The flourishing economic development of Asia has prompted an increase in demand for skilled workers and quality education. Populations in emerging economies are thronging the education market, with some seeking alternative education providers beyond conventional academic institutions.

Countries such as Vietnam, China and India are constantly in search of corporate training and continuing education opportunities, spurring a US$29.2 billion per annum industry that has been rated the most promising market for educational impact investing1.

Why Singapore

A global leader in education

Singapore has always been a recognised global education leader, ranked finest in the world for its quality2 and consistently producing students rated among the best in literacy, reading, mathematics, and science3. As a testament to its unparalleled standards and successes, Singapore’s educational practices have been adopted by countless countries around the world.

Singapore has also been an active host of a variety of education conferences and exhibitions. Platforms such as Global Educational Leadership Conference and Asia Pacific Education Assessment Conference allow industry players to stay up-to-date on future-ready leadership trends and best pedagogy practices in order to achieve new frontiers in education.

A school for the region

Singapore’s expertise is complemented by international partners, such as Intel, Cisco, and Microsoft, who work closely with local players to develop recommendations for education systems to support an improved workforce. Reinventing Education, the Singapore government’s partnership with IBM’s Institute of System Sciences, imports their expertise into the nation by exploring new methods of developing curricula through IT.

Singapore is a founding country of Assessment & Teaching of 21st-Century Skills (ATC21S), a project set up to create a new assessment framework that aims to help students develop 21,st-century skills. Together with fellow founding nations—America, Australia and Finland—Singapore forms a regional nexus of expertise on pertinent issues such as collaborative problem solving using Infocomm & Technology (ICT).

Bridging the brightest minds

Singapore also serves as regional headquarters to a host of international education providers such as Pearson, Knowledge Universe and Kumon, which leverage Singapore’s connectivity as a base for their extensive operations in the vast Asia Pacific markets. Home-grown tertiary education giant RafflesEducationCorp, the largest private education group in Asia-Pacific, manages its extensive network of 34 colleges across 31 cities from its global headquarters in Singapore.

Areas of Focus

Inspiring the next generation

Education industries have seen an increasing emphasis on educational technology, with 87 percent of educators expecting major institutional changes over the next 5 years that will be largely driven by digital devices. The International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology 2012 saw 1400 international delegates convening to connect and collaborate in the use of ICT to create an engaging and effective 21st century education. The international attention garnered shows a compelling global interest in MICE events showcasing educational technology.

eduLab, an education ideation incubator set up by the Association of Singapore Teachers, has contributed significantly towards fostering collaborations between teachers and school clusters for innovative practices in education. As a pioneer in these fields, Singapore is well positioned as a platform for thought-leadership in education and innovation in learning.

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