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What our clients say

What our clients say

Testaments to great business experiences

Many international clients have organised and held successful business meetings, conventions and exhibitions in Singapore. With meeting venues capable of accommodating all types of events and a concentration of leisure options, it is the perfect location to gather and exchange ideas. View our testimonials and see what others have to say about their business experiences in Singapore.

A partnership for success

"I must say that the Singapore Tourism Board delivers a superior level of partnership when considering bringing an event to their locale. One that would be considered a 'Circle of Excellence' and should be a model for others to replicate. They are educated, knowledgeable and were also well versed in IEEE and connected to our localized volunteer community.   They delivered excellence during my site visit, showcasing the right venues for my needs, infusing a taste of the culture, and in helping me connect and see what makes Singapore such an ideal location for our events.  The bureau has such a rich and deep partnership within all facets of the city's infrastructure and I cannot thank the team enough and for solidifying our decision to choose Singapore for our event."
~ Sherry Russ Sills, CMP, Director, Event Management Services 

Ease of doing business

“Singapore’s excellent infrastructure, world class venues, well-developed network of suppliers and supporting associations, and strong government support have contributed to its popularity as a choice MICE destination in the region. Singapore’s  long established reputation as the gateway for business in the region also provides us with the opportunity to recruit some of the best talents in the MICE industry, for our business. It is for those reasons that Singapore has been the headquarters for Koelnmesse’s operations in the Asia-Pacific over the last 10 years, providing a sound foundation for many of our flagship shows like IDEM Singapore to grow.” - Michael Dreyer, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Koelnmesse Pte Ltd

“Singapore Matters! The efficiency, effectiveness, knowledge and passion of the ‘Singapore Inc’ team has made Singapore a choice destination for us. At the same time, the easy access to many key global music and media industry players such as Samsung, YouTube and HP also catalysed partnerships pertinent to the growth of Digital and Music Matters to a leading regional forum in Asia today” - Jasper Donat, Co-Founder, Branded Ltd, President, Digital and Music Matters


“ITE Group plc began to build a brand new exhibition business in Asia in 2012. Singapore offers a business friendly environment, top-notch MICE venues with world-class facilities, close proximity to our leading suppliers and an expanding well qualified local talent pool. For those of us with an eye on doing business with the wider Asian region, and beyond, Singapore also offers super-efficient transport links, led by the Singapore Changi Airport.  Put simply, Singapore works for ITE.” - Mark Temple-Smith Regional Director for Asia, ITE Group plc

“The positive outlook of the exhibitions and conference industry continues to mirror the growth of the global economy and we are constantly looking for sophisticated and professionally trained destinations to launch new or enhanced shows. Asia, and specifically Singapore, continues to be an excellent destination as it offers outstanding accessibility that allows organizers to attract global participants and be very successful with their events.” - David DuBois, President and CEO, International Association of Exhibitions and Events

Mixing Business with Pleasure

“Singapore is a unique city where one will feel its exoticism with a familiar comfort! You can truly immerse yourself in our distinctive cultures and unique leisure experiences without a worry. The city is efficient and reliable – from transportation to hospitality – you will feel at ease mixing business with pleasure at all times. Being a well-connected hub also makes Singapore a vibrant meetings destination for anyone who wants to grow their networks in Asia Pacific! 

On a more personal note, what I really enjoy doing in Singapore is to sit by the Marina Bay front in the evening, sipping cold beer, while enjoying the magical nighttime skyline. You should come and experience this for yourself!” - Professor Lee Yuan Kuan from Singapore – President of the International Union for Microbiology Sciences (IUMS) and Winner of the Best Business Event Champion Award at the 2014 Singapore Experience Awards.