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Relish fiery curries, tangy chutneys and more

When you’ve established that you want Indian food for your next meal, your next decision to make has to do with whether you would like North Indian cuisine or South Indian food. Here in Singapore, you’ll find plenty of both varieties.

In general, you’ll find that most Indian dishes are infused with flavoured spices and herbs such as cardamom, cloves, cumin, coriander and chillies. North Indian food is often cooked with yogurt, while the dishes in the South frequently rely on coconut milk to temper the spicy dishes. 

A North Indian menu at a restaurant like Spices of India features mild curries, creamy yogurt based dishes, tandoori items baked in a tandoori or clay oven, fluffy naan breads, lentils, desserts and milk-based sweetmeats, while a South Indian restaurant such as Annalakshmi offers you vegetarian thosai and fiery curries enriched with coconut milk. Often served on a banana leaf or a thali, vegetarian meals consist of vegetables, pickles, chutney and bread. South Indian cuisine also includes delectable seafood dishes from Kerala.

One of the most famous Indian dishes that you can try in Singapore is fish head curry, but what may surprise you is the fact that it is actually not Indian. While it does reflect Indian cooking in its complex use of spices, the fish head curry is more of a local creation, and is also available in Chinese cuisine as well.

Stroll by stalls at food centres around the city and you’ll notice yet another hybrid form of food that is more Indian-Muslim in nature. Sample the roti prata, a flaky griddle fried bread served with curry, or try the murtabak – fried bread stuffed with shredded chicken or mutton, onions and egg.

Pay a visit to Little India and see the temples, goldsmiths and other shops that sell a variety of items from imported Indian vegetables, accessories, prayer items and more. Then, end your day at one of the many eateries that offer authentic Indian Cuisine you’re sure to enjoy.


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