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Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice

Star Quality

With a multitude of chicken rice stalls in Singapore, you might have difficulty finding just one place with authentic and mouth-watering chicken rice. Yet, one established and reliable chain to try is Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice, with outlets in East Coast and River Valley and Upper Bukit Timah. 

Using Kampong chicken (free-range chicken), the chicken served at Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice is leaner with less fats, and the rice served is also fluffy and not as oily, with chicken broth used, instead of chicken fat to cook it. The homemade chilli sauce and ginger are also excellent accompaniments to this fragrant dish. Other great dishes here include the Hainanese pork chop and homemade tofu (beancurd).

So whenever you’re craving that plate of aromatic Hainanese chicken rice, be sure to think of Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice, home to one of Singapore’s national dishes.

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Essential Information

Opening Hours
Daily, 9am to 3am
Below $50 (per head)
Alfresco, Family 
Lunch, Dinner, Take-away
recommended for
Hainanese Chicken Rice


191 East Coast Road Singapore 428897
Phone(65) 6777 5555
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