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The basic ingredients of cendol include coconut milk, green starched jelly noodles with pandan flavouring and palm sugar. Singaporeans are known for personalizing their eating experience, and with cendol, it’s no exception. Expect additional topping options such as grated ice, red beans, glutinous rice, grass jelly and creamed corn; making this yummy dessert just perfect for the sunny weather here in Singapore.

The more adventurous among you can try durian-flavoured cendol, which is (acquired taste aside) quite delicious.


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Malay Cuisine
Malay Cuisine
Tuck in to a delectable array of dishes that are infused with spices, herbs and a generous amount of coconut milk.
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Ice Kachang
Ice Kachang
Ice Kachang contains jelly, red beans, sweet corn and attap chee (palm seeds), topped with shaved ice, coloured syrups and condensed milk.
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