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Kaya Toast


One of the best places to get your kaya fix in Singapore is Ya Kun Kaya Toast, which sells a delectable range of kaya toasts since 1940s. Food gifts are also available at their outlets where you can bring home the famous kaya spread and coffee powder.  

Or if you can’t spot any one of their outlets around, head for any old coffeeshop or even food court for this stunning yet simple fare. Another popular local café chain that sells this item is the Killiney Kopitiam, which of course, has a branch on Killiney Road, just behind the futuristic Orchard Central mall. 

At some places, it even comes with a side of half-boiled eggs, which is perfect for dunking your toast into; and then wash the brekkie all down with a cup of bitter black coffee known as kopi-o.


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