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Nasi Lemak


There are two versions of this classic; the Malay (original) version has a straightforward offering of ikan bilis (fried anchovies) and nuts, fried fish, cucumber and sometimes an egg; whereas the Chinese version, like Chong Pang Nasi Lemak and the Changi Village Nasi Lemak (take the Bus No.2 to the Changi Village market to sample this unforgettable version) have a whole bunch of things like deep fried drumstick, chicken franks, fish cake, curried vegetables and luncheon meat (Asian Spam) in it.

Like the chicken rice, the accompanying chilli condiment can make all the difference; sometimes the chilli and plain lemak rice is enough for a satisfying meal.

Nasi lemak is always enjoyable whether at breakfast or any other time of day, and some stalls still retain the tradition of wrapping the rice in a banana leaf to enhance its flavour. It is commonly found at food centres in Singapore, with the more famous nasi lemak stalls being the ones at the Adam Road Food Centre.


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