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This is a traditional fruit and vegetable salad dish commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The term "rojak" is Malay for mixture. 

There are two main variations of the way rojak are prepared. One variation is adapted from the Malay and Chinese cuisines, which is commonly a toss of beansprouts, greens, tau pok (or deep-fried soybean cake), you tiao (a crispy long strip of fried flour) pineapple, cucumber, and a generous sprinkle of finely chopped roasted peanuts (which gives it ample texture and a lovely crunchy bite) well-tossed with a spicy fermented prawn paste sauce.

The other is the Indian version, which is also tossed in peanut sauce, although this version has an added red flavouring and colour for that tinge of spiciness. The Indian rojak can be personalised to one’s specific tastebuds as most stall vendors allow their patrons to choose the ingredients that they want – which includes baked potatoes, steamed fishcakes, prawn fritters, octopus, a mix of fried greens and many more.

Yet again, this is a popular dish in Singapore, so finding a rojak stall near you won’t be too much of a hassle. While the best rojak stalls are found outside the city (like in neighbourhoods like Bukit Merah and Katong) there are still reasonably good places within the CBD or in the Orchard Road area where you can find them. The Food Republic food courts in Wisma Atria and 313@Somerset are easy enough to find; but also do check out Straits Kitchen at the Grand Hyatt hotel along Scotts Road for a sampling of this true-blue Singapore dish in a stylish, sleek setting.


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