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Often served in bunches of 10 (individual sticks are also sold), with a dip made of spicy and sweet peanut sauce, and is usually accompanied with chopped onion, cucumber and ketupat (Malay rice cakes wrapped in a weaving pattern of coconut leaves).

Interestingly, the peanut sauce (made from a slew of spices and ground peanuts) was first served in the Philippines where it was introduced by its colonial overlords, the Spanish, who in turn borrowed the recipe during their time in South America.

Though the satay sticks of today are factory-processed bamboo, it was the humble dried leaf stem of the coconut leaf which was first used to skewer the meat centuries ago. Barbecued over an open-flamed charcoal fire, the satay is carefully brushed with oil to give it a well-browned glaze.

One of the most famous Malay dishes in Singapore, satay is a must-try, and is served at many hawkers, restaurants and food centres, including the East Coast Food Lagoon and the famous 24-hour Lau Pa Sat Festival Market, where no less than a dozen stalls selling only satay hold fort. A new addition in recent years has been the pork satay, introduced by Chinese satay sellers, giving this centuries-old item another delightful twist.


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Malay Cuisine
Malay Cuisine
Tuck in to a delectable array of dishes that are infused with spices, herbs and a generous amount of coconut milk.
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