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Teh Tarik


It is unique to Singapore in various ways—from the brand-specific condensed milk (Carnation, a Singaporean product) used for the tea, to the artful way with which the tea is tossed repeatedly (hence its name) from one mug to another to create a thick froth. Indian stallholders at the local coffee shops are always stormed with teh tarik orders, and can be caught live in action, expertly “pulling” their concoctions, which are fun and exciting to watch.

This popular beverage comes in a few guises: hot, cold, with or without milk, with or without sugar, and in recent times it has evolved to take on competing versions that have cropped up in cafes like Starbucks and the Coffee Bean; you can now find chai lattes at numerous coffeeshops which are delicious and are much cheaper too.

What’s more, there is an annual teh tarik competition which is a colourful event pitting the best “tea pullers” from across the island, ensuring that Singapore’s best teh tarik providers are always on top of their game.  


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