Experiential Learning Journeys

Experiential Learning Journeys
Experiential Learning Journeys

For those who like to discover more than just the must-see tourist highlights, Singapore is brimming with exciting and exclusive recreations to jump-start your creative juices, craft skills and knowledge.

Well-known to be home to the region’s best educational institutions, Singapore offers parents, students and even families on vacation or study trips enriching and experiential learning opportunities within the shortest period of time.

Whether it’s to uncover amazing new frontiers in science and technology; delve into world history and fascinating cultural heritages; get really up-close and personal with wildlife while exploring the lushness of hidden nature gems around the island; or simply build leadership and teambuilding skills through exciting outdoor adventure camps—the opportunities to pick up or learn a new skill are endless. 


Shivam Negi
International Kids Performing Festival Summer Camp participant

“My trip to Singapore was simply incredible! There was a cheer on my face as soon as I landed in the Lion City. I participated in a wide range of exciting activities like the grand opening of the Marina Bay Sands, the International Kids Performing Festival and the grand finale of the Singapore Performing Arts Junior Championship.The International Kids Performing Festival was extremely enriching, educational and amazing; especially because the workshops were conducted by the best trainers and musicians across the world.I took part in a variety of music and dance workshops at the summer camp and also got a chance to interact with students from different countries. It was wonderful and the Performing Arts Junior Championship at the Esplanade added to all the excitement!Each country has its own unique culture, but the mix of cultures is what distinguishes Singapore from all other countries in the world. Singapore is great and has something for everyone.”

Mrs. A Mendonca,
Parent from Mumbai

“This has been the most amazing experience for my daughter. She returned from the Outlearn Marine Biology Tour in Singapore with an incredible understanding of the earth’s fragile environment, acing her school project. She is now very careful in her use of potable water.”

Sister Shalini
St. Anthony Girls High School principal

“The ‘I Love Nature’ trip was a true learning experience. Such a trip brings out the best in a child. In addition, it increases their confidence and self esteem, helping them to develop a positive approach towards life.”

Harshita Motwani
Outlearn Marine Biology Tour participant
St. Anthony Girls High School student from Mumbai

“All the events made learning such fun. I enjoyed the eggs and chicks workshop where I learnt of the different stages of egg incubation. Handling Liquid Nitrogen at the Science Centre is an experience I will never forget; with this knowledge I can now ace my chemistry class. The Outlearn team guided us very well. I would not like to change anything on this trip as everything was excellent starting from the coach to the food.”