Singapore Takeout Takes On Delhi


Spicing Up Bilateral Relations

Things are about to heat up in the kitchen. Singapore Takeout is all prepped to cook up a storm during its Delhi stopover at ITC Maurya, New Delhi, from 13 to 15 January 2012. Bringing to you the best culinary talent, favourite flavours and homegrown food products from Singapore, Singapore Takeout in Delhi will feature Chef Benjamin Seck of True Blue Cuisine, an award-winning restaurant serving Peranakan (Straits Chinese) cuisine. Joining him in the kitchen will be Chef Manisha Bhasin, Senior Executive Chef, ITC Maurya and Chef Rajkamal Chopra, Executive Chef of WelcomHotel Sheraton New Delhi. Both Chef Manisha and Chef Rajkamal took part in the Global Chef Exchange in Singapore where they sampled some of Singapore’s most-loved dishes. Together, the trio will be serving up a selection of Singapore-inspired dishes, which include Chef Rajkamal’s Laksa Pulao, a dish incorporating laksa paste and almonds, and the original Singapore Laksa.

A Gastronomical Journey of Mouthwatering Dishes

1 mobile kitchen, 9 cities, 10 chefs and 14 food brands on a 365-day gastronomic journey. The Singapore Takeout is part of the Singapore International Culinary Exchange (SPICE) – an initiative helmed jointly by the International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, Singapore Tourism Board (STB), and SPRING Singapore which champions Singapore’s cuisine, culinary talent and food products globally.

My Cuisine Exchange Experience

I have travelled to Singapore multiple times and have tried a variety of restaurants and fusion of cuisines offered by the cosmopolitan city. This time when I visited Singapore for the Global Chef Exchange programme, the experience turned out to be even more interesting and memorable, as I interacted with other chefs – all with a common passion for food! The exchange was indeed enriching as we got an opportunity to experience a combination of fine-dining restaurants, local street food, vintage bakeries and Peranakan cuisine. We learnt about the evolution of Singaporean cuisine and how local chefs are constantly innovating by adding new ingredients. On the last day, we prepared a Singapore-inspired dish – Prawn Laksa Pilaf. It was an honour to have had the opportunity to interact, learn and exchange ideas with other well-known chefs from all over the world.


My Personal Journey - A Chef's Story.

The Culinary Exchange Programme that I was a part of was an extremely thrilling and enriching experience. It was truly memorable!

The country is culturally endowed which makes it a hub of diverse interesting delicacies. It was great to gather information about the melting pot of cultures that exists in Singapore and the fusion of cuisines that the cosmopolitan has to offer. It is true that it serves not one but various kinds of culinary delights including Chinese, Malay, Eurasian, Indian and Peranakan!

There is a lot to learn in this country. It was interesting to meet the Singaporean master chefs and exchange ideas about Indian and Singaporean cuisines with them, while discovering secrets about their unique spices, flavours and aromas.

Besides all the cooking and the demonstrations, we also embarked on an appetizing voyage to premium restaurants like True Blue, Wild Rocket and Iggy’s in Singapore to witness a mélange of flavours from around the globe that truly distinguishes Singapore as the food capital of Asia!


Let's Get COOKIN!

For those who love cooking, here'a a list of exotic Singaporean receipes infused with Indian flavours like the kokam fish head curry, laksa leaf dum biryani, balachan prawn chawl and vegetable satay with coconut vermicelli prepared by the Indian chefs. Download Recipes here.