Meaningful Travels

Meaningful Travels

What would you like to get out of your next holiday? Great photos? Fun memories? Exciting stories? More than that, we believe that travel can bring people together, open minds and inspire dreams. Like these travellers, your trip to Singapore can be full of meaningful experiences to last a lifetime.

Chef’s Culinary Tales

Raj Kamal Chopra,
Executive Chef, ITC - Welcomgroup

"My personal experience of the Culinary Exchange trip in Singapore - eye opener to the varied cuisines being offered, outstanding hospitality, professionals to the core, very high quality availability of ingredients and high hygiene standards."

Chalapathi Rao,
Chef, ITC - Welcomgroup

"There was a lot of positivism, energy and “fire in the belly” during the Culinary Exchange trip in Singapore. The cuisines we tasted were outstanding and the way the chefs conducted the seminars were par excellence. There was a lot of learning on new ingredients like the laksa leaves."

Meaningful Travels

Golfing Getaway

Chairman & Innovation Head, Lanson Group

“Singapore is a great city that is perfect no matter if you want to relax and get away from it all or search out some fast paced action and excitement. So when I heard The Economic Times Leaders Challenge Tour finals were being held in Singapore I couldn’t wait.

Playing 18 holes at the Orchid Country Club’s beautiful golf course with some of India’s most fascinating business leaders by day and enjoying Singapore’s fine dining and nightlife with them by night was loads of fun. And, of course, I couldn’t resist popping into the golf shops to update my clubs from among the world class range on offer.”

Mr. Gautam Balakrishnan,
Group CEO & Chairman, Zest Technologies

“Singapore has both, a luxurious as well as a contemporary feel to it. The country can make you dive in leisure while shopping at Orchard Road and at the same time get you floored with the magnificence of the Marina Bay Sands. Singapore is also an amazing destination for ardent Golf lovers and the Economic Times Leaders Challenge Tour finals was a phenomenal experience. My trip was truly an enriching one as I had the opportunity to learn many new things in Singapore. I had never imagined myself indulging in a sport like surfing which is relatively alien to Indians. But the training that was given to me, made me master almost all the tricks of the sport.”

Meaningful Travels

Adventurous Singapore

Sandeep Sachdev,
Personal Training Ambassador & Celebrity Fitness Trainer Fitness First India

“The Entire Experience of Being Active in Singapore has truly been motivating & has shown me the true definition of an Active Lifestyle Trip. As an Individual, I would undoubtly do the same activities such as Zorbing, Reverse Bunjee, Climb Max, Para Jump & Mega Zip Activity when I would be on a holiday.

Entire Experience of the Active Lifestyle trip has brought out that child in me, thanks to the Adventurous & Fun activities organized by the Singapore Tourism Board & who took care of the members of Fitness First right from the time they took off from India till the time they got back home.”

Anil Kesavan
Managing Director, Vertex Techno solutions Bangalore Pvt. Ltd.

“I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much when I first heard about this tour. But the Singapore Soft Adventure Package by Kuoni exceeded my expectations, and how! The activities were carefully planned and gave us enough time to learn. My personal favorite: surfing.”

Meaningful Travels

Learning with Fun

Shivam Negi,
Participant of the IKPF Summer Camp

“My trip to Singapore was simply incredible! There was a cheer on my face as soon as I landed in the Lion City. I participated in a wide range of exciting activities like the grand opening of the Marina Bay Sands, the International Kids Performing Festival and the grand finale of the Singapore Performing Arts Junior Championship.

The International Kids Performing Festival was extremely enriching, educational and amazing, especially because the workshops were conducted by the best trainers and musicians across the world. I took part in a variety of music and dance workshops at the summer camp and also got a chance to interact with students from different countries. It was wonderful and the Performing Arts Junior Championship at the Esplanade added to all the excitement!

Every country has a unique culture of its own, but a mix of cultures is what distinguishes Singapore from all other countries in the world. Singapore is great and has something for everyone.”

Sister Shalini
Principal, St. Anthony Girls High School

“The I love nature trip was a true learning experience. Such a trip brings out the best in a child. In addition to increase their confidence and self esteem, it also help them to develop a positive approach towards life.”

Harshita Motwani, 14yrs,
St. Anthony Girls High School, Mumbai

Harshita visited Singapore on the Outlearn Marine Biology Tour

“All the events made learning such fun. I enjoyed the eggs and chicks workshop where I learnt of the different stages of egg incubation. Handling Liquid Nitrogen at the Science Center is an experience I will never forget; with this knowledge I can now ace my chemistry class. Outlearn team guided us very well. I would not like to change anything on this trip as everything was excellent starting from the coach to the food.”

Meaningful Travels

Fans of Singapore

Harish N.N.
Winner of the 'Nikon-Better Photography Photographer of the Year 2009, Bengaluru

"During my visits, I have found that despite being of different origins, Singapore's people live harmoniously respecting each others' cultures. This makes it easier for any person from whichever part of the world he may be, to easily blend in and feel right at home in Singapore."

Pranoti Nagarkar Israni
Inventor of the Rotimatic, Winner of Start-Up@Singapore 2009

“My Rotimatic invention was possible thanks to the kind of guidance I received in the NUS. Apart from offering path-breaking educational facilities, Singapore is also a safe, efficient and green country. I feel proud to have acquired my Engineering degree in a country with such diverse endowments.”

Ms. Daisy Irani
Prominent Indian actress, theatre and art personality based in Singapore

It was a challenging decision to leave India and migrate to an alien country. But Singapore helped me in shaping my personal as well as professional life. The country is home to diverse cultures, energetic lifestyle and vibrant dynamism making it an amazing destination for all art lovers. It is also an extremely enriching experience for tourists as the country opens up an array of exciting activities that visitors can learn and master.”

Meaningful Travels

Partner's Speak

Zubin Karkaria
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Kuoni Travel Group, India

"Singapore is truly one of the perfect all-round destinations. It is a great destination for all age groups, for all categories of travelers from super premium to budget travelers, for all seasons, and for various special interest markets such as soft adventure, sports and educational tours. It is as good a destination for Group travelers as well as for the more experienced and discerning FIT explorers. It is also one of the best marketed destinations, which literally re-invents itself every few years in an amazingly institutionalized fashion. I have no doubt that with the passionate commitment of the Singapore Tourism Board and other authorities involved, it will remain one of the top destinations in the world for many more years consistently."

Mr. Dhruv Shringi
CEO & Co-Founder,

“Singapore offers a plethora of indulging, refreshing and exhilarating experiences to suit every preference, promising a truly memorable experience that uplifts the spirits, refreshes the senses and rejuvenates the mind. Singapore offers the Indian urbanite unlimited excuses to swing by for quick getaways. A short flight time, pocket friendly expense, some of Asia’s top clubs, spas and exquisite fine dining makes Singapore the most preferred destination for the Indian CEOs.”

Vikram Aditya Bhatia
Managing Director, Fitness First India Private Limited

“Singapore is a real new age metropolis with great Commerce, Trade, Retail, Entertainment and Adventure. Singapore has a unique energy and charm to it. I have spent considerable time in Singapore over the last 7 years and I am impressed with the discipline and efficiency that exists all around. I love the Fullerton Hotel and the Clarke Quay area around it. The F1 experience was the best I have had.”

Meaningful Travels