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Kranji War Memorial

Kranji War Memorial

Honouring the past

As you take a walk around the Kranji War Memorial, you’ll feel the echoes of courage and sacrifice during World War II (WWII). It honours the men and women from Britain, Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka, India, Malaya, the Netherlands and New Zealand who gave their lives for freedom in WWII. 

On your visit here at the Kranji War Memorial, you’ll see the war graves, the state cemetery, the memorial walls and the military graves. The names of over 25,000 allied soldiers killed in the war but whose bodies were never recovered, are inscribed on both sides of the 12 standing Memorial Walls. 

Every year, on the Sunday nearest to 11 November, a memorial is held to pay tribute to those who gave their lives. Known as Remembrance Sunday or Veterans Day, this day marks the date when the hostilities of WWII ended at 11am. Place poppies – the memorial symbol – on the neatly laid out graves on the manicured lawns and observe a two minute silence during the event.

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Opening hours
Daily 7am - 6pm
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Free admission
Free admission, Family friendly
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Culture, History, Local Flavour
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Memorial Wall


9 Woodlands Road Singapore 738656
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