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Chinese Culture


Religion & Culture

The Chinese culture in Singapore blends the cultural practices of the southern Chinese, local ethnicities and western influences. Many Chinese are Buddhists, with a smaller number Taoists and Christians.


One of the major highlights in the Singapore calendar, Chinese New Year, features the colourful Chingay Parade, River Hongbao and Chinatown Chinese New Year celebrations. Another noteworthy festival is the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Watch a Chinese opera street performance, a colourful mix of dialogue, music, as well as song and dance. Be captivated by the lion dance, a spectacular, acrobatic dance usually performed during Chinese festivals.


Sample dishes from the different parts of China – enjoy Cantonese dim sum, spicy dishes from Szechuan and the flavourful chicken rice with roots from the Hainan province. 


Visit Chinatown for an authentic experience of Chinese culture, whether it’s shopping for home accessories, souvenirs or antiques. To get a taste of Singapore’s retail scene circa the 1960s, visit People’s Park Complex.