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Malay Culture


Religion & Culture

Most Singapore Malays in Singapore are Sunni Muslims who follow Islam as their religion. They pray to God, which is Allah swt in their religion, five times a day, eat only halal food and fast during Ramadan.

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Hari Raya Puasa is celebrated at the end of Ramadan, the fasting month of Ramadan. After morning prayers in the mosque, Malays customarily invite friends home to enjoy the feast together.

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Located at the heart of historic Kampong Glam, the nine galleries of the Malay Heritage Museum showcase the roots, history, lifestyle and traditional arts of the Singapore Malays.

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Infused with savoury spices and herbs and enriched with coconut milk, Malay cuisine includes the delicious array of nasi padang and skewers of satay served with peanut sauce. 

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The exotic streets of Kampong Glam offer shops selling silk and chiffon fabrics, batiks, sarongs, hand-woven baskets, oil-based perfume scents and rich carpets.