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Haji Lane

Haji Lane

A new vibe

Once an empty street of pre-war shophouses, Haji Lane has been given a new lease of life by local designers and young entrepreneurs who have set up their quaint boutiques proffering fashionable wear and products boasting made-in-Singapore designs. Here, you will find excellent vintage shops selling an array of contemporary, quirky garments and accessories as well as local boutiques by up-and-coming designers that have been refurbished in their own unique style. Just a street away, you’ll find textile shops that have been in business since the 1950s! There’s a raw, energetic vibe that’s worlds away from the polished international stores which makes Haji Lane so undeniably fascinating.

While exploring Haji Lane, look for these highlights:

• The Blog Shop. A shop that showcases daring creations by local fashion designers.

• Know It Nothing. A design outfit that draws inspiration from its historic surroundings and in turn provides a sophisticated approach to clothing and footwear.

• Pluck. A collection of cleverly designed fashion and furnishings that often display great wit. Sweet deals include homemade ice-cream and delectable desserts from the in-store ice-cream parlour.

• Salad Shop. Against a black and white interior, their selection of homeware in basic colours really pop. Each item is limited in number, so if an item is sold out, it probably won’t be found in the store again.

• Straits Record. Almost an institution in the local music scene, this is where you’ll find albums by local and regional indie bands, alternative, hip-hop, hardcode and reggae music, including vinyls and books.

• Sup Clothing. This store is a nod to urban cities that have defined skateboarding, punk and hip-hop cultures. It’s also the only store that stocks threads designed by local graffiti artist, The Killer Gerbil.