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Tanglin Shopping Centre

Tanglin Shopping Centre

Dig deep for rare objects

Spend a few hours at Tanglin Shopping Centre and you’ll feel like you've stumbled into an Indiana Jones film. Packed with exotic regional artefacts, antiques, artwork and jewellery, if you’re after antiques like old Buddha heads to Tibetan prayerbeads, odds are that you’ll find it at this long-standing mall.

Tanglin Shopping Centre specialises in old necklaces, bracelets, relics and rich textiles from the Orient, with also a decent selections of fashionable fabrics and furniture from Japan and across South East Asia. Its range of delicate Asian cultural pieces and unique historical items is quite breathtaking, and will keep you browsing for hours on end.

But if that’s not your cup of tea, the mall also caters for fans of classic vintage items such as old movies and DVDs, books and retro fashion. You can literally spend days searching through Tanglin’s extensive collection of old and precious items, some of which will be sure to bring back fond memories.

Essential Information

Opening hours
Mon to Sat 12pm - 6pm
Antiques & Art, Fashion, Home Furnishing, Music, Souvenirs, Books, Hair, Health
Luxury, Local Flavour


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19 Tanglin Rd Singapore 247909
Phone(65) 6373 0849
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