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View Point

View Point

Grand Central for Antiques

If you’re a collector of old photos, books and magazines, then View Point is a place not to be missed. You’ll find just about everything here, from old toys, records, telephones and cameras to clocks, furniture and lamps. This antiques dealer even sells old advertising signs, movie posters and beer paraphernalia – making it a haven for collectors of pop culture. 

View Point is probably the only store in Singapore where you’ll see suitcases, enamel tiffin carriers (which is a kind of lunchbox in india) and Tiger Beer(which is Singapore's first locally brewed beer)  marketing collateral from years ago. If you have old collectibles that you want to exchange, View Point is also a good place to visit, as they also buy and trade antiques.

Essential Information

Opening hours
Daily 10am - 2pm
Antiques & Art, Souvenirs, Books
Budget, Luxury


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150 South Bridge Road #B1-19
Fook Hai Building
Singapore 058727
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