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Rumah Bebe

Rumah Bebe

Peranakan perfection

The traditions of Peranakan culture are kept alive at Rumah Bebe, one of the last bastions of their important heritage. Established back in 1928, Rumah Bebe is a Peranakan shophouse that focuses on preserving the ethnic group’s traditional art forms such as jewellery, beadwork, porcelain, embroidery and batik-textiles.

The shop features the work of artist Bebe Seet, who creates beautiful Peranakan artworks that often utilise flower, bird and butterfly motifs. One particular highlight is the bespoke female shoes she makes using glass beads.

Rumah Bebe is a quaint venue that strives for authenticity – from the Peranakan potpourri to the music, colourful designs, ornate doors and architecture of the house. To experience a rare culture that’s slowly being forgotten and discarded, a visit to Rumah Bebe is a must. 

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Opening Hours
Tue to Sun 9.30am - 6.30pm
Antiques & Art, Ethnic, Home Furnishing, Souvenirs
Local Flavour


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113 East Coast Rd Singapore 428803
Phone(65) 6247 8781
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