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River Hongbao


Chinese New Year by the River

The term “Hong Bao”, meaning red packet, is a monetary gift often associated with Chinese New Year. Symbolising good luck, what better way to usher in the Chinese New Year than at the River Hongbao.

Since 1986, the River Hongbao has been an annual Chinese New Year event that preserves and revives Chinese cultures and traditions. Since then, the event has been a compelling destination for the young and old alike. 

To welcome the new year, cultural collaborations between Singapore and China will treat you to an international line up of performances by foreign and local artists. Immerse yourself in rich Chinese cultural activities such as Chinese calligraphy and riddle games, or savour unique delicacies at the food fair.

Watch and be amazed as magnificent lanterns portraying popular Chinese characters come to life like the popular God of Fortune and the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Floats from the Chingay Parade will also make their appearance, while other interesting displays dazzle up the night—like lanterns made out of sugar and ceramic spoons—a real visual treat for all.

So make sure you mark the date and share in the joy and festivities with your family and friends, welcoming the new year with a bang.


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