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Singapore Food Festival


Teasingly scrumptious local cuisine

First launched in 1994, this annual food festival brings Singapore’s love of food to life through a variety of gastronomic experiences that stimulate the senses and celebrates the richness of our local culinary landscape. Since its inauguration, the festival has consistently whetted the appetites of locals and tourists alike.

Closely entwined with our multicultural heritage, Singapore’s local cuisines feature a tantalising spectrum of flavours, sights and smells. After participating in many of the past events, visitors have gained a deeper appreciation of how Singaporean food has been uniquely shaped by its diverse cultures and growth as a young nation.

From hawker centres and restaurants that pay homage to local culinary traditions to a growing pool of talent that explore creative ways to interpret familiar flavours, immersing yourself in Singapore’s vibrant local food scene is an experience not to be missed.

The Singapore Food Festival is an anchor event in the city’s leisure events calendar. 


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