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Singapore Food Festival


Teasingly scrumptious local cuisine

Whether you’re a gluttonous gourmand who relishes in the intricacies of fine dining, or a regular foodie excited about tucking into Singapore’s local food and regional specialities, you’ll definitely enjoy the gastronomic morsels the Singapore Food Festival has to offer. 

Debuting in 1994, this annual Singapore Food Festival never fails to seduce the palates and appetites of locals and visitors alike, with a calendar chockfull of mini events and activities organized all over the country.

You won’t even have to travel far and wide to satisfy your cravings for authentic traditional food from the Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan cuisines, whipped up piping hot and featured in not only the city and historical enclaves, but also in almost every nook and cranny of the island state.

But if you really want an in-depth perspective of how food has shaped the various cultures in the nation, then head down to the myriad traditional restaurants in the ethnic enclaves, for a dining experience which entwines the history of early and developing Singapore to the customs and evolution of food in all the major racial groups in the nation. 

You will also be spoilt for choice with other events like the food carnivals, tasting sessions and best of all, discounts and promotions offered by participating food and beverage establishments. 

The Singapore Food Festival is a grand interactive learning experience, a Singapore food guide that gives you a closer look at the rich cultures that make our little island pulsate with energy. Talented local and international chefs hold regular cooking workshops and demonstrations during this period and if you’re lucky, you might just go home with a secret tip or two to spice up your culinary adventures in your kitchen. It’s an immensely popular food festival that appeals to both locals and tourists (with a record attendance of over 354,000 foodies last year) alike with its smorgasbord of tantalizing treats and events happening across town.


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