Hey Aussie! You probably
didn't know this about us, but...

  • We are home to an Asian heritage lesser known.

  • Our city is a playground for all ages.

  • There are at least 20 ways
    to order coffee at our
    local stalls.

  • Age-old fengshui principles live in our modern architecture.

  • We have a temple built
    without the use of
    a single nail.

  • You can explore different
    Asian cultures within
    one precinct.

  • We don't stop eating just because it's late.

  • We like to drink amongst the clouds.

  • Our 50m-tall vertical
    gardens light
    themselves up.

  • Our trendiest establishments are in some of our oldest buildings.

  • Not just another city  

    Not just
    any other city

    From cutting-edge modernity to multicultural charm, there is so much to discover in our bustling city. Set against a lush green landscape, immerse yourself in a convergence of the past, present and future where heritage meets modernity.

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  • Never a boring moment  

    Never a
    boring moment

    Whether it is 24-hour shopping, late-night dining or having fun with your family, explore attractions and experiences within minutes of each other in Singapore. Fill your trip with the things you enjoy around the city, any time of the day or night.

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  • Don't expect the same  

    Don't expect
    the same

    Think you've seen it all the last time you visited Singapore? Our evolving landscape offers surprises and inspiration every time you visit. Be fascinated by new developments as well as old favourites which have been rejuvenated.

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