Singapore MRT

Travel across the Island with SMRT

The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system is probably the fastest way to get around Singapore besides taxis. Besides being one of the cleanest transport systems in the world, the MRT provides scenic views of our heartland and city areas, with great access to almost every part of Singapore. You can download the train route map from for a complete listing of train services and use it to navigate your way around our island.

There is a host of ticketing schemes based on stored value smartcards to suit your needs – from standard one-time travel tickets to tourist concession passes. Stored value cards, locally known as ez-link cards, can be purchased from the TransitLink Ticket Office located at selected MRT stations, and standard value tickets may be purchased from General Ticketing Machines (GTMs) located at all MRT stations.

You may top up your ez-link cards at any Transitlink Ticket Office or GTM using cash or NETS. The minimum top-up value is S$10 while the maximum stored value allowed on your card is S$100. You may also choose to buy a Standard Ticket that can be used up to six times within 30 days from the date of purchase. A S$0.10 deposit is required and will be automatically refunded through an off-set against your third trip. 

Singapore’s train operators have taken various steps to ensure accessibility for wheelchair users, families with children in strollers, the visually impaired and those travelling with luggage or large packages, ensuring that all your needs are well taken care of when you access the trains here.