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Dining in Singapore

Singapore’s incredibly diverse range of dining options will cater to food lovers from all walks of life. If you appreciate a good meal, there’s a cuisine for every taste and budget. Our local street fare is a delicious melting pot of Singapore’s diverse cultures, while the country’s vibrant fine dining scene has emerged as one of the world’s most exciting, featuring Michelin-starred restaurants and celebrity chefs.

Fun After Sunset

Singapore’s nightlife scene has exploded into a dizzying whirl of music, drink and entertainment that caters to both party animals and those seeking a quieter night out – all around the clock. Dance to the beats of world-class DJs at a megaclub, enjoy a bespoke tipple at a discreet cocktail bar or check out a live band before having a big laugh a comedy club. Crank up the volume or dial it down to a more comfortable pace. The choices are limited only by your imagination, and how long you take to recover the next day.

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"What I love about Singapore food is that a developed world like ours can be eating world class street food at underdeveloped nation prices."

KF Seetoh

Street food advocate and expert, and CEO of Makansutra

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"The first thing I love about Singapore is the robustness of flavours which really wakes me up for the day ahead. I absolutely cannot get through one day without one meal of hawker food. Singaporean food is affordable and most importantly, Singaporean food and the places we eat is an undeniable part of our social fabric; whether you are a “towkay” or a student, Singaporean food is a cultural glue that binds us together through the places we eat and interact with each other. Indirectly, Singaporean food preserves the social equity of Singapore!"

Raymond Lim

Restaurateur and Head of Les Amis Group