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Design studio FARM sells online and from their store. Its wacky and original collection of products is all made in Singapore, from funky tote bags to quirky drinking glasses.

Located at the ground floor of the Red Dot Design Museum, The Museum Shop has award-winning and innovative products, such as Bluetooth-enabled speakers by Singapore-based company Xmi.

For the ultimate blast from the past, check out The Heritage Shop at Jalan Sultan. This antiques store is packed with collectibles from Singapore’s past, mainly from the ’30s to the ’60s.

At homegrown fashion lifestyle retailer TANGS, you can pick up tasteful gifts such as Asian-inspired ceramics and gorgeous centrepieces, made using natural tropical foliage, at the New Heritage Shop.

Simpler mementos can be found at the stores of Singapore’s museums, ArtScience Museum™, National Museum of Singapore and Singapore Art Museum. These carry keepsakes like keychains and tote bags bearing Singapore icons and symbols.

Edible souvenirs make great gifts for foodies. At The Cookie Museum, pick up unique treats such as the Singapore Heritage Flavours, with cookies that taste like quintessential Singaporean dishes such as Hainanese chicken rice.

To further satisfy your craving for edible souvenirs, head to any major supermarket, and look for ready-to-cook Prima Taste Sauce Kits. Choose from authentic flavours like curry, laksa (a spicy coconut-based noodle soup) and chilli crab.