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Day 1

Gardens by the Bay
1 Gardens by the Bay

This awe-inspiring, 101-hectare green zone is full of activities for nature lovers. Don’t miss Bay South Garden’s highlights—the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome conservatories, which house close to 100,000 plants, and the towering steel Supertrees that stretch up to 50 metres into the sky.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
2 Singapore Botanic Gardens

The sprawling but beautifully manicured Singapore Botanic Gardens isn’t just a recreational park. Singapore's first UNESCO Heritage is also home to an extensive collection of unique plants—including the world’s most comprehensive collection of tropical orchids—as well as one of the oldest remnants of a primary rainforest here.

Day 2

Labrador Nature Reserve
3 Labrador Nature Reserve

This reserve is a haven for flora and fauna like magnificent monitor lizards and beautiful fish poison trees. Trekkers can also go on enlightening heritage trails that shed light on Labrador Park’s role in Singapore’s maritime and war history.

The Southern Ridges
4 The Southern Ridges

This impressive ten-kilometre route links up several iconic green destinations, including HortPark, Kent Ridge Park and Mount Faber Park. Just a short walk from the latter is the spectacular Henderson Waves pedestrian bridge, which is particularly beautiful at night when it’s lit up.

Day 3

Changi Point Coastal Walk
5 Changi Point Coastal Walk

The rustic Changi Village is the starting point of this boardwalk route along Singapore’s eastern end. It boasts amazing views of the coastline as well as its inhabitants, like the metallic blue Pacific swallow and the pagoda-shaped sea almond tree. It is also a popular choice amongst locals as a fishing spot.

Pasir Ris Park
6 Pasir Ris Park

Biodiversity flourishes in this community park that also encompasses rich mangrove environments. Stroll along the Mangrove Boardwalk to take a closer look at mangrove-dwellers like the giant mudskipper, mud-lobsters and sea snakes. Eels and monitor lizards can also be sighted, especially at high tide.

North Eastern Riverine Loop
7 North Eastern Riverine Loop

This seamless, scenic 26-kilometre route covers four parks in the relatively unspoiled northeastern region of the island. You can rent a bicycle at Punggol Park for a pleasant ride along the trail, which takes about two to five hours.