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Singapore remains a safe destination. There is no travel restriction by World Health Organisation (WHO) to Zika-affected countries.

An explosion of light and colour

This September, usher in an explosion of joyous colour with striking floral displays and traditional lanterns at Gardens by the Bay.

The Flower Dome will be transformed to feature the floral landscapes of South Africa at the Tribal Tempo Flower Field Display. Take in myriad blooms — from the vivid African fynbos (natural shrub vegetation) and the elegant Birds of Paradise to the national flower of Africa itself, the exquisite King Protea. Be intrigued, too, by the unusual-looking Aloe trees that take root in semi-desert regions or play peek-a-boo with rock art and animal sculptures hidden among the flora. To top it off, a gushing waterfall beckons in the midst of wildflower fields that grace Namaqualand each spring.

The Gardens will also be marking the Mid-Autumn Festival during the same period. Giant lantern displays that interweave classic tales will be on display. Visitors can also join the inaugural interactive lantern procession, as well as a host of other programmes for the whole family, including cultural performances, tea appreciation, lantern-making and more.

Visit www.gardensbythebay.com.sg for more information.