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Singapore remains a safe destination. There is no travel restriction by World Health Organisation (WHO) to Zika-affected countries.

The perfect pairing

The stage is set. For food and wine lovers, SAVOUR Wines is the must-go culinary event of the year. 

Exploding onto the scene five years ago, this festival has evolved from a food extravaganza to a full-fledged culinary lifestyle concept. This year marks the launch of SAVOUR’s expanded series — that means not one, but three SAVOUR editions to choose from in 2016! 

The September instalment will be a special treat for wine lovers. With over 400 varieties of top-notch wines from around the world, amateur oenophiles and connoisseurs alike will delight in the largest ever showcase of wines to be found in one location. Be assured, too, that your wallets can rest easy — wine tastings go as low as SGD 15 for 10 tasting portions.

Though the festival focuses on wines, there is plenty to nibble on in accompaniment. SAVOUR's line-up of award-winning restaurants and bars will continue to stretch your gastronomic horizons, while stellar music performances at Marina Bay will amp up the festival atmosphere at this waterfront location. 

Entry to The Gourmet Village is complimentary, but access to the Wine Market is limited to SAVOUR Wines Wine Tasting Card Holders only.

Visit www.savour.sg for more details.