The Spy, The Thug, His Wife & Her Lover
The Spy, The Thug, His Wife & Her Lover
5 Aug - 18 Sep

Get your James Bond on, and have a meal while you’re at it.  

Organised by And So Forth, take part in the wild shenangians at ‘The Spy, The Thug, His Wife and Her Lover’ interactive dinner experience. Unlike typical sit-down meals, this dining adventure puts you through a series of situations that a spy will face — think escaping from prision, extracting information from the mafia and even escaping from a plane crash.

This event is shrouded in secrecy until you sign up, so don't wait if you’re up for some espionage fun over a four-course dinner! Tickets are priced at SGD 88 per person. Unleash your inner conspiracy theorist!

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