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SAM at 8Q is a wing of the Singapore Art Museum. This contemporary space, housed across the road from the main museum building, is an extension of the Singapore Art Museum. SAM at 8Q features contemporary art exhibitions and is home to a Moving Image Gallery, where film screenings are held.

Fun for families

Enjoy art with the family! The contemporary art exhibitions, well-researched and carefully curated by Singapore Art Museum, are targeted at both adults and children. Guided activity sheets filled with questions and ideas for looking at works of art in the Singapore Art Museum can be found online.

The arts belt

SAM at 8Q is housed in the old Catholic High School, a four-storey conservation building that has been transformed into six contemporary art galleries. Positioned on Queen Street, the heart of Singapore’s arts, design and heritage scene, SAM at 8Q is within walking distance of the National Design Centre, 222 Queen Street, and Singapore’s finest art schools.

Visitor Experiences

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