The Esplanade has been the setting for various high-profile events and international performances.

Pop by Esplanade at any time and you’ll find it hard not to be infected by its palpable creative vibe, whether it’s the ever-changing larger than life display near the main entrance or the world-class performances that are staged here.

The shows on offer cut across cultures and genres. You can catch a concert by Western greats such as The New York Philharmonic Orchestra or a Chinese play inspired by the late doyen of Singapore Chinese theatre Kuo Pao Kun.

Fondly nicknamed "the Durian” by Singaporeans for its resemblance to the popular fruit here, Esplanade holds a 1,600-seat Concert Hall, a 2,000-seat Theatre and several more intimate performance venues, which have been the setting for high-profile events such as the Singapore Arts Festival.

Free programmes, from music and dance to theatre, also regularly take place at various locations around Esplanade.

Shopping and dining
Enjoy a spot of shopping and dining before or after shows at the Esplanade's 3-storey mall.

Before you attend a performance, how about a pre-show dinner or a coffee at one of the restaurants or cafes at Esplanade’s three-storey mall? And you can squeeze in a quick spot of shopping at the retail outlets, picking up goods as diverse as customised hand lotions, or maybe a guitar or two.

If you wish to explore the complex further, take the Esplanade Walk, a 45-minute guided tour that walks you through the Concert Hall, Theatre and other front-of-house facilities. The tour will give you an understanding of the venue’s acoustics, its architecture and history, as well as its contribution to Singapore’s art scene.