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With its mix of races and cultures, Singapore has rightfully earned a reputation for being the cultural melting pot of Asia. To showcase this diverse heritage, the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) at the mouth of the Singapore River takes you on a grand exploration of the peoples from around the region that have happily settled on our shores over the past two centuries. 

Set in a sprawling 14,000 sq m space are 11 thematic galleries displaying some 1,300 artefacts from China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia. 

The museum is far more than just a spectacular history lesson. Children and families will be drawn into the enriching and insightful experience with interactive spaces and activities. Four ExplorAsian Zones located throughout the museum offer a glimpse into ancient Asian cultures. Visit an old Chinese teahouse, dine in a nomad's home, or perform an Indian dance for an emperor. 

The grand ACM building was opened in 1865 as a court house, and has been home to the Registry of Births & Deaths as well as the Singapore Mint. It became the Empress Place Museum in 1989 before emerging in its current incarnation in 2003. 

To keep things fresh, a programme of changing special exhibitions are shown throughout the year.
After taking in so much history, visitors can take time to reflect with a bite at the museum’s café or take a stroll through the museum shop. 

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